Must Read

We aim to maximise enjoyment of our facility by comprehensive pre-game briefings on safety and on the use of the weapons.

The following basic rules always apply on site:


All games agree to:

  • play at their own risk.
  • wear long trousers.
  • wear sensible shoes/trainers. No flip flops!
  • play within the perimeter instructed
  • follow the instructions given at the briefing.
  • notify the marshall immediately of any danger or dangerous objects.

Do Not’s

All gamers agree:

  • Not to climb on trees, ladders, buildings or vehicles.
  • Not to get into or crawl under any vehicle
  • Not to move or atttempt to move any vehicle or other items on the course
  • Not to engage in any form of physical contact with their opponents.
  • Not to jump into trenches.
  • Not to smoke anywhere on site!
  • No mobiles or valuables are to be taken onto the site as battlefield Live Torbay accepts no responsibility for theft, damaqge or losses incurred in playing.