What is Battlefield Live?

1.  What is Battlefield Live?

Battlefield Live an exciting infra red combat game using sensor recognition and up to the second feedback provided by your gun, it’s next generation gaming and it’s here on a superbly designed 3 acre Battlefield in Torbay.

Its the closest thing to being in a game of Call of duty or Battlefield 3………….. but it’s for real!

The weapons fire a harmless infrared beam, just like your TV remote, so its totally safe. Everyone has three sensors, two worn on the head and one on the gun which you aim for. The guns tell you if you hit someone or if you have been hit yourself.

So, unlike paintball or air soft , Battlefield Live has no  flying bullets, better still no bruising, no mess, and no steamy mask to wear.  As there are no bullets there are NO EXTRA COSTS, you pay to play and its  free to shoot as often as you like!!

If you lose all of your  lives, your gun stops working, so no one can cheat, and the gun will tell you if you shoot someone who is “dead already”.

Even if you do lose all of your lives  you don’t have to sit waiting for the game to end to have another go, due to the  unique “respawning” facility on the medic box. Press the button and you are suited and booted ready to play on, after all that’s what you’ve come to do!

Teams play out various scenarios during a session. Missions are altered to suit  every level and age of player. Some of our most popular are:

  • Invasion
  • Death match
  • Capture and hold
  • VIP Escort
  • Sabotage
  • Black Box
  • Zombies
  • Sniper

Finish your experience with the ultimate chaos ‘free for all’, where there’s only one man left standing at the end.

Could it be you?

2.  Who can play Battlefield Live?

Minimum age is around 8, the guns weigh 2-3 kilos,  you will be running in long grass and dodging in and out of bunkers and hiding places, so the very young could tire quickly and no one wants to let their comrades down .

Its also important to be able to understand the mission and the instructions.

If you have any doubt , call at the Battlefield and try out a gun for size.Battlefield live is also great for girls of any age , – so everyone can play to a level they find comfortable! from casual player to the seasoned veteran.

We have a strong team ethic  at Battlefield Live and all missions are designed to encourage working together and cooperative communication to achieve a common goal

Rules have to be obeyed and these are shown here under the basics tag.

Under 16s need to have a parental consent form signed by the parent or group leader. There’s a copy of one on the Bootcamp tag.

3.  How do the gaming guns work?

Our gaming guns are built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared mission system with lasers modeled on military-style weapons.

With an effective range of  up to 200 metres, and all fitted with red dot scopes these guns are extreme machines.

Throw in realistic digitized sounds, muzzle flash , full and semi automatic fire , and  multiple  gun settings and you ” ll soon see these gaming guns have an attitude!

4.  What can I expect when a mission is being organized?

Upon arrival you are split into teams by the Marshals, or to accommodate  your own preferences. You then will go through an equipment and safety briefing before being issued with your guns. There are four different guns to chose from , if you struggle with your choice, we can re-issue a different gun before a new game begins.

Over the game period you will play a number of missions. You will be briefed before each one on the mission objectives by your team Marshal, and they don’t like losing or repeating themselves, so listen up!

We will provide squash or a drink of water between missions to keep you hydrated

5.  What should I wear?

Loose fitting clothing makes running and moving around easier . We recommend long trousers, and boots or trainers are encouraged.  Flip flops, clogs or loose footwear is no good and even potentially hazardous

Coveralls can be provided for a small fee, and are great for getting into the mood for a battle

6.  Are there any costs for extra bullets or lives?

No. At the start of each game, your mission referee will load your gaming gun with a number of lives and magazine reloads. Your gun will have an authentic number of bullets in the magazine clip for the model it is set up to be eg  an Uzi Sten H & K . When your magazine is empty, pressing the red  button starts the authentically timed reload sequence .

But be careful to take cover, you can still be shot whilst you are reloading.

7.  How long do the missions last?

The length of the missions will vary from 10 to 20 minutes depending upon factors such as , the mission objective, the age of the players, and the weather conditions.

One of the advantages of  our three acre site is that the action hots up quickly as the enemy are never far away

8.  How do you know when you’ve been hit?

Our gaming guns are designed to eliminate cheating.  When you take a “hit”,  initaly ou hear a noise like a bullet whistling past, then as you lose more lives your gaming gun will sound “ouch”.  When all of your preset lives have been used, your gaming gun will make a loud groan and display “Dead” on the screen, which stops the gaming gun from firing.

The gaming guns can be  re-activated at certain times during the mission , this adds an extra edge to the game .

9.  How do you know when you’ve hit somebody?

If you hit someone you hear “casualty” if you take a final life , then the gun tells you ” kill confirmed”. If you shoot at some one who is dead, the gun will tell you ” dead already”.

You can also see the sensors flash when you hit someone,  the lights stay on if all of the gamers’  lives are lost

When players are “dead”, they must walk out with their gaming gun in the air, and say nothing because dead men tell no tales

10.  How do you win the games?

Each mission has a defined objective, some games like a death match will be won on the “respawn” count – the team that eliminates the most opposing players.

The Marshal’s decision is always FINAL

11.  What do we do if a party is to be postponed?

Generally we advise waiting until the last possible time you are comfortable with before changing the party schedule. If we do have to reschedule an event, we will do so at the clients convenience and our availability.

12.  Can we play in the winter and in the rain?

Yes!  The weather conditions can be more challenging but if the players wear appropriate clothing (ie, multiple layers), they will still have a lot of fun.

If its wet , its common sense to bring some spare clothes and a towel

Icy conditions, however, can sometimes be unsuitable for safe game play, and we may postpone a party under these conditions.

13.  Will the gaming guns hurt the players eyes?

No.  The gaming guns shoot beams of infra-red light like a TV remote to tag the opposing players on their sensors.

14.  Do you have adult parties?

Certainly!  Battlefield Live corporate events and adult birthday parties are a lot of fun and a change from the typical outings and events available.

15.  What about valuables?

We encourage you to keep valuables locked in the car. We can however provide a box for keys and phones which is kept locked up during the game.

16.  Smoking

A smoking area is provided in the car park

There is a strict NO SMOKING policy on the field of play, anyone smoking on the field will be sent off immediately with no refund.

17.  How do we pay?

We accept cash and credit/debit cards as payment, and recommend payment of a deposit to avoid disappointment