Gaming guns as used by SWAT, Law enforcement, military personnel and gamers in more than 35 countries. Precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Follow the links to see what all the excitement is all about. Unlike paintball guns or airsoft guns these gaming guns shoot high-powered infrared “ghost bullets“. These “laser tag guns” work either indoors or outdoors.


The Cobra is one of our lightest models. It is made from polycarbonate, rather than metal, so it is perfect for the younger players, and for indoor game play.

It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for extended range.

It also comes standard with an integrated peep Red Dot sight, but you can add a 30mm Red Dot Scope upgrade if you prefer.

Standard issue color: grey with either red/blue/green decals.

Also available in black with either red/blue/green decals.

Gun Specs

SMG : Sub Maching Gun
Range : Defaults to short range. Adjust the infrared for indoor or outdoor use.
Scope : Red Dot Peep as standard Red Dot Upgrade
Construction : Polycarbonate, 2 handed handle
Trigger : Trigger mechanism in blaze orange (not a button)
Weight : 1.8kg/3.9lbs
Color : Case color either Grey or Black. Choose decals – red, green or blue
Recommended Envrionments : Day or Night. Indoors or outdoors
Length : 40cm / 15.25″


Emulations : Best used with the “Laser Tag” sound scheme

Commando Carbine

This gaming gun is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower. The Commando fills the gap between the Spitfire (machine pistol) and the M4 (assault rifles). It works well played indoors, around gaming inflatables, or outdoors, as pictured. Features include:

  • Highly adjustable stock so that a wide range of gamers can use this unit comfortably.
  • By having a flat front end, this model is designed to work both indoor or outdoor games. It also has an weaver rail mount for a red dot scope.
  • The new design long focal length lens assembly is included on the commando for extended range.

Standard issue color: Gun Metal Grey/Phantom Black

Gun Specs

Style : Carbine
Range : Long range – up to 160m/525ft
Construction : Metal, moulded handle (BFS style).
Trigger : full trigger mechanism
Weight : 3.5kgs/7lbs
Length : 53cm/20 3/4\” (stock in)
Recommended Environments : Day/Night Outdoors, eg ski fields, forest, woodlands. Also able to be used indoors or in an urban environment

Weapon Emulations

Weapon : AK47/AKM, Steyr Aug, Simonov Carbine SKS, AK74, M1903 Rifle, H&K G3, M1 Garand, Lee-Enfield SMLE, FN-FAL / L1A1 SLR, L85A1-2/SA80, H&K G36, Kar 98k

Morita Sniper Rifle

The Morita Sniper Rifle is in the Designated Marksman (DM) class of weapon. It is a generic weapon of its class, but not unlike a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle in that it has a 50mm glass lens. This lens makes it possible to get its extra long range.

Like all of our guns, can toggle between semi-auto and full-auto. When you turn on the gun (also referred to as booting up) it will default to fully automatic. This is for your Light Machine Gun mode.

By clicking the button on the right side of the gun you can swap over to semi-automatic mode. This is great for being a sniper.

This extreme range gun is best used with the telescopic scope, because it shoots so far you might not even be able to make out if the person you are shooting at is on your team or not. This is our most accurate semi auto sniper rifle ever built, because it is a light based system the gun shoots dead straight.

We recommend that gamers configure their gaming gun to be consistent with the case. In other words it is best to configure a P90 case to the P90 emulation software. Likewise configure the M4 to be the M4 software. Or in general, a small gaming gun should beconfigured to a SMG or short range weapon.

Gun Specs

Color : Hammerburst Black (powder-coated)
Weight : 4.3kg/9.5lbs
Length : 88cm/34½”

Weapon Emulations

Emulations : M24 Sniper Rifle (default) Dragunov SVD

 Scorpion Sub-Machine Gun

The Scorpion is our most popular & one of our most versatile models. This gun model is in the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon. It is great for either indoor or outdoors and, in particular, Close Quarter Battles (CQB).

In fact, since it does not have a protruding barrel it is ideal for indoor laser tag arenas. As you know Battlefield LIVE™ equipment is 100% portable, tough, and weather-proof.

Imagine a post futuristic or holocaust theme! It has a metal construction. More it has a full trigger mechanism.  It also comes standard with an integrated Red Dot scope.

Standard issue color: covenant/phantom.

Gun Specs

Weight : 2kg/4.4lbs
Length : 38cm/15″
Range : Long range setting: up to 120m/300ft Defaults to short range
Scope : 30mm Red Dot Scope

Weapon Emulations

Emulations : Scorpion (default) MP5, Owen SMG, M1929 Thompson, PPs-43

Claymore Mine

Blow the berzookers out of your enemy!

This amazing claymore mine is distinctive it is a three panel convex curve. Used by a gamer, it can add a lot of excitement to scenario missions.

It features the iconic “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” marking. The Claymore mine explodes in 3 ways:

  • Claymore,
  • Normal
  • Mine and
  • Dirty Mine.

When emulating a claymore mine unit is configured in “kill” mode. This means that if a gamer is in range, they will automatically be reduced to zero hit points, no matter what level of HP they were on.

A hit from this unit when configured as a normal mine will cause 1 hit point loss per explosion. This mine can be set to either TEAM A or TEAM B if friendly-fire is off, or will hit both if friendly-fire is on.

This configuration actually shoots continuously for 22 seconds. It has a cool “Geiger-counter” type sound effect.

The claymore comes with a bank of 48 infrared emitters so it has a board
area effect.

Its standard issue color is black.
A claymore can be configured to be triggered by being shot by a gamer.

You can also configure it to Unlimited hits, so it can act as a free-standing target. The claymore can be configured to automatically re-arm within a few seconds, rearm after 2.5 minutes or not re-arm at all.

The explosion effect distance can be reduced for indoor play. Plus its volume by be easily configured.

Gun Specs

Weight : 1.9kgs/4lbs
Color : Black

 Battle Box

Reduce your staffing with the Battle Box.

The box can be configured as:
Medic Box: so gamers can re-pawn themselves. We recommend placing one medic box at each team’s base.
Ammo Box: so gamers can replenish their ammunition
Combo Box: so it acts as both a medic and ammo box.
This unit is generally used as a medic box, however, just like all other SATR system units, it can be configured to take unlimited hits so you can use it to zero your gaming guns.

The medic box also resets the re-spawn counter via the radio functions if you first do a  “game end” and then “game start.” The box display also shows the time left in the game.

Standard issue color: Jedi Grey (new textured powder coating).

Gun Specs

Weight : 1.9kg/4lbs
Color : Jedi Grey (textured powder-coated)